Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sara's Refrigerator

Sara Markel, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, has been in the food business for the past 11 years. She has worked in various restaurants and catering companies all over Manhattan and sometimes even New Jersey, where she ran her own company, Fork in the Road Kitchen and Catering. Sara is currently the pastry chef at The Sony Club in New York City.

Top Shelf

(Items are listed from left to right)
1. Pieces of red and white onion. 2. A cup full of Frank's Red Hot (don't ask where I got it). 3. Leftover maple syrup from the Master Chef cooking competition; we have to take home all of the ingredients or else they get thrown out. Hard on us. 4. Aroy-D curry paste, delicious!
Middle Shelf
Month-old almond mashed potatoes (garbage!) 6. Trader Joe's Cornichons. Last week I ate most of them while watching the travel channel and now there are barely any left.
7. Mediterranean Organics Grapefruit Marmalade. Tasty but way too expensive at Whole Foods.
8. Roland Preserved Lemons for the chicken tagine we cooked for our wedding tasting. 9. Gold's Red Horseradish. I wanted the regular white kind but alas, there are not enough Jews here. 10. Ziyad's Tahini from Sahadi's. 11. Whole Foods brand sliced pickles. They have no flavor, but I feel like it's some kind of sin to throw out pickles. 12. Goya Alcaparrado: capers, olives, pimentos. Goya: nuff said.

Bottom Shelf
13. Heinz Ketchup needs no explanation. 14. Goulden's yellow mustard. 15. Sriracha. Of course. 16. Sambal Oelek. We live very near Pho Bang, we need to have Pho condiments on hand for emergencies. 17. Apricot Preserves. I was going to make Hamentaschen today, hasn't happened yet. 18. Boing Tamarind Juce Drink. Boing is 3 for $5 at Associated so there is an ever rotating variety of Boing on our shelves. Usually guava, mango, tamarind. 19. Laurent du Clos All Natural Dijon Mustard. I believe it's from Sahadi's also. 20. Castella Imported Capers. When I was little I thought capers tasted fishy so I wouldn't eat them. Now, I think I was confusing them with smoked salmon. 21. Il Tartufato al Tartufo Bianco. Why wouldn't you have truffle oil? 22. Roland Balsamic Glaze. We got this from my Dad who works for Roland, it's not bad. 23. Frank's Red Hot. I bought this when I forgot that I had a container full. Used to make buffalo chicken fingers with corn flakes when we had movie night and were trying to be healthy. Not sure how healthy it turned out once we slathered it in onion dip.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let the unveiling begin...

You know how it is living over a restaurant. Gotta hide that jack-o-lantern from all those mice.